RCN Launches Ad Campaign for Integrated ISP Service

RCN Corp. launched its new ISP brand with a print and radio advertising
campaign throughout its Boston to Washington, D.C. target market.

RCN said it recently acquired Erol’s, UltraNet, JavaNet and Interport, merging
them into a common brand name and leveraging RCN’s state-of-the-art fiber
optic network. Spending on the ad campaign was not disclosed.

“This is an extremely significant moment for RCN, and for our current and
future Internet customers, because it represents the integration of four
successful and well-respected ISPs under a common RCN brand,” said RCN
Chairman and CEO David C. McCourt. “The combination of these four ISPs. . .will
allow RCN to set a new standard of excellence for Internet users, in terms of
speed, service, value and support.”

In addition to both dial-up and high-speed Internet services, RCN is offering
local phone, long distance and cable television in several markets from Boston
to Washington, D.C. over its own fiber optic network.

Over the past year, RCN has gone from virtually no Internet customers to
nearly 500,000 through the four acquisitions and internal growth. After the
last acquisition, New England’s JavaNet, RCN established an integration team
to consolidate the four independent ISPs and its existing operations as a
common enterprise.

“This successful integration has brought four distinct and valuable companies,
networks, and cultures together as part of a common enterprise offering
service under a single brand,” said David Epstein, JavaNet co-founder and now
an RCN senior vice president. “The combination of these four Internet
providers and RCN’s state-of-the-art fiber optic network provides a distinct
competitive advantage over other ISPs and a strong foundation for continued

All new RCN Internet customers will be given an “rcn.com” domain name or e-
mail address. Internet service to existing Erol’s, UltraNet, JavaNet and
Interport customers will not be interrupted and these customers will be able
to retain their current e-mail addresses.

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