Real Media Launches Open AdStream 5.0

New York City-based Real Media
launched an upgraded version of
its ad server software, Open AdStream 5.0, that incorporates tools to manage
the entire advertising process–from lead generation to billing.

OAS 5.0 is also compatible with the new Euro currency and is Y2K compliant,
the company said.

Among the new features:

  • Sales Force Automation tools to eliminate time-consuming tasks that take
    sales professionals away from selling, including contact management, meeting
    scheduling, follow-ups, reminders, contract and deal management.

  • Sales Planning and Revenue Forecasting tools to help manage deals, rate
    cards, control pricing and revenue reporting and forecasting as an integrated

  • Billing and Invoicing, including invoice generation and integration with
    billing systems

  • Multi-account management tools that allow one copy of OAS to manage
    multiple, autonomous Web sites. No one from one account can view or edit
    campaigns, sites or reports belonging to another account.

“Managing an ad business is more than just ad delivery. To be successful,
publishers need to control all phases of their advertising operation,” said
Dave Morgan, president and CEO of Real Media.

Real Media says that more than 5,000 Web sites are using OAS to serve more
than 4 billion online ads each month. The company also operates a network of
more than 570 locally branded Web sites, many of which are newspaper sites.

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