Real Media to Sell Eudora E-Mail Ads

Qualcomm, which makes the popular
Eudora e-mail program, this week chose advertising network Real Media to sell ads in the free,
ad-supported version of its application.

Qualcomm last month, which already has a free “Light” version of the
software, decided to add a full-featured, but advertising supported,
version. The software, in which ads appear in a window on the left side of
the program, is currently in a beta testing period.

“This agreement is the logical next step as we move toward commercial
release of the new Eudora,” says Jeffrey Belk, vice president of Qualcomm
and general manager of the company’s Eudora products.

When the new Eudora is commercially released, the company predicts that
several million users of the “lite” version will upgrade, bringing Eudora
advertising capacity into billions of impressions per month.

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