Report: Web Sites Favoring In-House Ad Measurement

AdKnowledge Inc., a provider of
Internet marketing solutions, said its Online Advertising Report (OAR) for
February shows that more than 58% of Web sites still favor proprietary
in-house traffic measurement systems.

The report from the Palo Alto, CA-based company also found that average CPM
ad rates are remaining somewhat steady at $37.36 after dropping throughout
1997. Average CPM rates in April 1997 (the first month AdKnowledge began
reporting them) were $39.34, a number which progressively declined to $37.21
by the end of the year.

AdKnowledge releases excerpts from its Online Advertising Report on a regular
basis. The report is a compilation of Web advertising statistics gathered
from MarketMatch, AdKnowledge’s independent Web media planning and research
tool, and SmartBanner, an independent campaign placement and performance
analysis service for marketers and ad agencies.

“AdKnowledge tracks statistics across 1,056 ad-supported sites and serves ads
for a broad range of advertisers across an unrestricted site selection,
making the OAR statistics the most impartial Web advertising numbers
available,” said John Mracek, vice president of marketing for AdKnowledge.
“In this month’s numbers we discovered some hesitancy among sites to adopt
independent third-party traffic measurement systems–likely reflecting a
reluctance to being audited.”

AdKnowledge, created as a result of the merger of ClickOver and Focalink
Communications, develops and markets a suite of Web advertising management
products and services for marketers, advertising agencies, and Web
publishers. Products include: MarketMatch Pro, SmartBanner, and ClickWise.

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