Screen Saver Ad Site Launches launched Screensaver Ad
Server, which allows Web sites to offer multimedia-rich screensavers that
include personalized greetings, advertising, and hyperlinks back to the sites.

The screensavers can include advertisements with a high degree of
“stickiness” because they often remain on a user’s desktop for months, the
company said.

The Screensaver Ad Server takes care of everything including template
creation, personalization, distribution and trafficking statistics, the
company said.

The software runs on NT servers and includes the dynamic generation of Web
pages and the process of notifying recipients that someone has created a
screensaver greeting for them.

Because most visitors will create personalized screensavers for themselves
and for their family and friends, it is “far less likely that recipients will
ignore any advertising that appears while the screensaver is running,” the
company said.

If hyperlinks are embedded in the screensaver, users can click-through to the
site of the advertiser. is a member of the privately held Netpresenter group.

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