Sega to Spend $135 Million to Market Net Games

In an effort to bolster its position against Sony’s Playstation and
Nintendo’s N64, Sega Thursday unveiled
plans to spend $135 million this year to market its Internet-ready console
game, Sega Dreamcast, and its online gaming network, SegaNet.

The company says it’s launching a print and broadcast ad campaign, and
sponsoring the 2000 MTV Music Video Awards — all in an effort to reach its
target demographic of young adults. The message? That Sega is serious about
its online strategy and believes that’s where gaming is going.

The print and TV ads, created by Foote, Cone and Belding, will follow the
theme that “Opponents are Everywhere,” and stress that the competitive
nature of gaming is enhanced with Internet connectivity.

The print ads will appear in gaming publications beginning in July.
Television ads will appear on the WB Network, prime-time television, and
sports-related programming.

Promotional and sponsorship efforts will take Sega to Ozzfest, a popular
music tour; and the ACG Indoor snowboarding exhibition.

The company is also trying to get its products in the hands of celebrities
on TV shows, movies, and music events. So far, Dreamcast has been seen on
“The Drew Carey Show,” “South Park,” “Get Real,” and “The Simpsons.”

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