Begins National Radio Ad Schedule said it
added a $1.5 million national radio buy to its marketing mix.

“We feel that this national radio schedule offers us the ability to reach out
to additional segments of our customer base,” said John H. Markley, president
and CEO of “Radio is a proven entity that we believe will
present the story to potential customers and keep our name in
front of our current customer base.”

The campaign will be aired on hundreds of radio stations in all types and
sizes of markets, the company said.

Programs include The Rush Limbaugh Show, The Michael Reagan show and The Joan
Rivers show. Premier Radio Networks is providing approximately $1 million of
the programming.

“Our first experience with showed us that radio consumers respond
to advertising by going to the Internet in large numbers,” said Kraig Kitchin,
president of Premier Radio Networks. “There’s a direct correlation from the message to site traffic and product sales.” is an online retailer that says it offers more than a million-
item selection of brand name products organized by category, targeting both
the consumer and commercial markets.

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