Solbright, I/PRO Team Up to Provide Automated Ad Standards

Solbright said it is partnering with Internet Profiles Corp. (I/PRO) to provide Web
sites and advertising agencies with a standardized format to work together as
they send and process campaign information.

New York City-based Solbright is a provider of tools designed to automate the
online advertising sales process. Its browser-based AdSuite enables Web sites
to control costs and improve customer service, while I/PRO’s Dispatch allows
agencies to improve efficiency and communication.

“Solbright has been speaking to the labor-intensive problem of managing
processes and communication between the buyer and seller since its inception,”
said Key Compton, founder and president of Solbright.

“The emergence of a system such as Dispatch, and the decision by I/PRO to
choose Solbright as a technology partner, furthers our initiatives for
automated trafficking and account management.”

“Solbright’s AdSuite provides the same high level of automation and intuitive
operation to the publisher that I/PRO’s Dispatch offers the advertising
agency,” said Tig Tillinghast, I/PRO’s director of marketing for agency

“We have worked closely with Solbright to ensure that Dispatch fits
seamlessly with AdSuite, thereby providing a much needed bridge for the
submission of creatives from the agency to the online publisher.”

AdSuite integrates with adservers, including Accipiter and NetGravity.
Dispatch offers automated processing for agencies.

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