, US West Make Marketing Alliance

Internet postage supplier this week inked a marketing deal with US
, a telecom player that is one of nation’s the largest providers of

The alliance calls for to offer its Internet postage software
through US West’s home page and the company’s Small Business Group. The two
companies target a similar customer base small businesses and consumers.
US West serves 25 million people in 14 states.

“Working with a leading telecom company such as US West is significant
because it allows us to reach exactly the kind of people who are most
likely to find online postage useful — small businesses and individuals
who use the Internet,” says Chris Hylen, senior vice president of marketing

“This new alliance will give us added exposure to DSL subscribers who have
small businesses and home offices.”

Just yesterday,’s rival, E-Stamp, announced a marketing deal
with auction giant eBay. The two
companies are battling to make inroads with customers that consume a lot of
postage small businesses, Internet merchants, and folks who frequently
sell items on auction sites like eBay.

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