Stock Quotes and Erotica–Will Advertisers Buy This Concept?

Just when you think you’ve seen every possible combination to entice an
advertiser, along comes somebody with an idea that leaves your head spinning–stock quotes and erotic pictures.

Or, as the company ever so tastefully headlined its press release, “Stocks ‘n’

Internet Entertainment Group (IEG) in Seattle, which describes itself as “a
leading adult entertainment packager for the Web,” said it purchased a Web
site called, and will develop it as
“a free financial information resource that combines current stock market
information with erotic images.”

SexQuotes, created by a San Francisco software development firm, bills its
service as “the mega-merger between the Internet, finance and erotica.”

IEG said it will introduce the new service on Friday. Users will be able to
get current major market plus NASDAQ and OTC stock prices, fund information
and real time market information, and can create a customized portfolio to
monitor performance of their own stocks, all at no cost, the company said.

“The site was created to bring together the two most sought
after commodities on the Web–stock quotes and adult entertainment,”
according to Seth Warshavsky, president and chief executive of IEG.

In addition to obtaining financial information, users can specify the images
they want to see, with choices ranging from “PG” or “R” to “Extra Hard Core.”

IEG said it will sell banner ads targeted to customers based on a demographic
profile entered when the user signs on. A lot of stock traders named John, we
suspect. No word on whether stud muffin pics are offered to the Jills.

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