SuperStats Updates to Version 2.0 Inc. has launched v. 2.0 of its site, allowing Web
managers access to real-time site tracking.

With the new version, SuperStats now offers the following types of

  • Traffic patterns on a site (site and page volume, popular site areas,
    common visitor paths)

  • Unique characteristics of visitors (countries, languages, operating

  • Technical information to help optimize a site (browser usage, monitor
    colors and resolution)

  • How people find the Web site (referring links and banners, search engine
    usage and keywords)

The service, which the company says is used by 30,000 Web managers, offers
both free and subscription options, and members can log in 24 hours a day to
see up-to-the-second graphs and reports about their Web site traffic.

SuperStats differs from server-based software in that dozens of reports are
available on a real-time basis, and it does not require server configuration
or time-consuming compilation of log files, the company said.

Of interest to marketers, the new version of SuperStats provides a search
engine report
showing the relative percentages of each search engine used to find the
member’s site. This report also includes key words and key phrases used by the
visitor arriving via search engine.

The SuperStats plug-ins report tells managers what percentage of visitors use
certain plug-ins, important for deciding on a multimedia strategy., Inc. also manages a multi-million dollar Web development
agency as well as newly launched site

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