Tektronix Buys Every MSNBC Ad Space

Tektronix Inc. will “own the day” today by purchasing
banners across the top
of every page on Microsoft’s MSNBC.com site.

The Microsoft online sales team developed the
“Own the Day” program to offer clients the opportunity to purchase sections of
sites, an entire site or multiple sites across its MSN network. Spending was
not disclosed.

The initiative is part of a worldwide marketing campaign that Tektronix is launching to promote its new
line of color printers, to be introduced Oct. 15.

Microsoft’s online sales team now offers a menu of product and package options
and can customize them to fit a client’s objectives.

MSN offerings include sponsorships of content and
service segments, banner ads, promotions, cross-network packages and rich
media online commercials using Microsoft Windows Media Technologies.


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