TeleSpace Offers a Way to Overcome “Banner Busters”

A company called TeleSpace is
marketing a product called AdCast that is designed to overcome what it calls
“banner busting” technology deployed by some Internet users to avoid looking
at ads.

“The assumption that all ads can be ‘busted’ or blocked is
not entirely correct,” said Robert Cezar, founder and CEO of TeleSpace and developer of the AdCast

“We are currently in the middle of our market introduction of AdCast, an
advertising delivery system which shows non-scrolling billboards for
guaranteed viewing duration and content,” Cezar said, adding that the
technology “wraps the participating sites with our delivery system rather than
delivering an embedded banner into a page. If our client’s ads are blocked,
the whole site will be blocked. . . ”

Cezar said AdCast offers not only the delivery technology, but also
accountability built-in with guaranteed viewing parameters plus the ability to
set and monitor those parameters online and in real time.”

TeleSpace is a technology development and marketing company operating under
AmeriCommUSA, Inc.

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