The, Uh, Direct Approach to Venture Capital

Finding it tough to get that vital venture capital? Here’s a new model for
you–Invest-o-rama!’s Lewis Schiff reportedly plans a $20,000 billboard
campaign in Silicon Valley, asking for investors to fund a personal finance

Schiff was the founder of iVillage’s Armchair Millionaire and Worth OnLine.

The 14 x 48 billboard ad will appear on Silicon Valley’s Highway 101 (Ralston
Ave. exit, Belmont).

Schiff said the goal is to attract the Silicon Valley venture capital
community as well as large Internet media companies who are beginning to make
more strategic investments in companies themselves.

Schiff’s billboard will debut on April 15. Invest-o-rama is a personal finance
directory on the Web that the company says, “is poised to become the biggest
personal finance affinity portal.”

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