THINK Launches $25 Million Campaign For Oracle

THINK New Ideas Inc. launched a $25
million “Now You Know” worldwide advertising campaign for Oracle Corp. to support the company’s effort
to overtake SAP as the leader in the enterprise applications market.

As a first step in an integrated campaign, print ads broke last week in the
Wall Street Journal, with integrated television, radio and Web campaigns to
begin this fall.

“Oracle is integrating communications across all media to reach multiple
audiences across all touchpoints in the marketing mix,” said Larry Kopald,
chief creative officer at THINK. “By doing this, Oracle is utilizing and
integrating each segment–television, print, Web and direct marketing–to reach separate audiences at
the appropriate times in the buying cycle to increase both mindshare and
marketshare for Oracle within the global enterprise applications market.”

The campaign is designed to appeal to CEOs looking to get valuable information
out of their corporate databases to help them make better business decisions.

The copy declares, “Do you Know?” and dares readers to answer a series of
strategic and provocative business questions. Oracle is betting that readers
will take the challenge,
“ask the Oracle” and call the 800 number or respond via the Web.

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