Has Most Clicked-On Banner for the Week

Nielsen//NetRatings, the
Internet measurement service from Nielsen Media Research and NetRatings Inc.,
said the most clicked upon banner ad for the week ending April 25 was’s cash-prize game ad, which
had a 12.7 percent CTR and a reach of 1.7 percent.

For the first time, the personalized music site moved into the top 10
advertisers with a Yahoo-based ad campaign and a 9.7 percent reach; two of its
banners ranked in the Top Ten Banners in No. 5 and No. 6 positions, the
company said.

The most clicked on banner the week before was from NextCard which had a 7.8 percent
CTR and an audience reach of 1.5 percent.

Top advertisers, ranked by banner impressions, are based on data from
BannerTrack, Nielsen//NetRatings’ syndicated advertising research report.

An impression is counted each time an ad banner is fully loaded onto a user’s
screen. For the week ending April 25:

Advertiser Reach %
1. Microsoft 34.9%
2. 20.5
3. Thunderstone 3.3
4. Barnes and Noble 8.8
5. Discover Brokerage 3.4
6. Waterhouse 3.3
7. E*TRADE 3.2
8. 9.7
9. LinkExchange 5.8
10. NECX 7.1

Top 10 ad banners viewed were:

Advertiser* Reach % Creative
1. NECX 7.1% #1 PC Super Store Get It Now @ NECX
2. Amazon 7.0 Click on Shopping. Then click on Music and Video
3. Barnes and Noble 6.1 fast; hey look we just gave you more time to
4. AmeriDebt 5.8 Find: A Way Out Of Debt
5. Spinner 5.2 Click Here Spinner
6. Spinner 5.1 Click Here Spinner
7. Ad Council 4.1 Expect The Best From A Girl And That’s What
You’ll Get
8. The Mining Company 3.6 Shareware; Time Remaining: 02:05
9. Network Solutions 3.5 Register a Web address today!
10. Bonzi Software 3.5 Speed Up Your Internet Connection

*Ad banners that run predominantly on an advertiser’s own property are not
included in the count.

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