U S WEST Dex Makes Commitment to Adauction.com

Adauction.com, the online
ad auction channel, said it signed a $250,000, six-month contract with U S WEST Dex Internet Yellow Pages, which
will buy Internet ad inventory through the company’s monthly auctions.

“This contract shows how large media buyers like U S WEST Dex are committed to
purchasing through the online auction channel, and further validates
Adauction.com as a great contributor to the success of Internet advertising,”
said David Wamsley, Adauction.com president and CEO. “It also represents the
first of many long-term agreements that we plan to secure with our media

A sampling of recent ad lots purchased by U S WEST Dex includes: Netscape’s
In-Box Direct, Match.com, Internet Travel Network, LatinoLink, as well as a
number of regional news sites such as the Bremerton Sun (Washington) and the
Ogden Standard (Utah).

“As (Adauction.com) has built its infrastructure, they have added top-notch brokers who provide strategic media buying consulting and the best customer service we’ve seen in the online advertising industry,” said Chad Roffers, director of business development and electronic commerce for U S
WEST Dex. “We consider Adauction.com a key partner that is helping to advance our Internet
advertising programs.”

U S WEST Dex is the print and online directory publishing group for U S WEST,
the telecommunications company headquartered in Denver.

Adauction.com represents more than 70 leading Web publishers that supply ad
inventory, including Netscape, Match.com, LookSmart, Red Herring Online,
NetNoir and Silicon Investor.

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