USA Video Interactive Establishes West Coast Subsidiary

USA Video Interactive has established a West
Coast subsidiary called Merging Rivers Media to create what it calls “the
first-ever Internet-TV ad agency.”

Merging Rivers is opening an office in Santa Monica, CA to focus on
entertainment-related applications of the USA Video Interactive technology,
providing a full range of advertising agency services to entertainment
companies and advertisers.

Merging Rivers Media will make it possible for advertisers to broadcast their
existing video content on the Internet utilizing USA Video’s patented
Video-on-Demand technology and its wavelet compression via servers to be
installed on the UUNET network, the company said.
Merging Rivers Media will design and produce custom, ad-backed
broadcast-video content specifically prepared for Internet users.

“With its wealth of experience in the entertainment and advertising worlds,
Merging Rivers Media brings USA Video Interactive the expertise we need to
introduce the next-generation of true Internet Video-on-Demand to advertisers
and entertainment businesses in California and throughout the world,” said
Edwin Molina, president of USA Video Interactive.

Rafael O. Quezada has been appointed president of Merging Rivers Media and
Joseph F. Curtis has been named vice president. Quezada previously served as
vice president of New Data Solutions, and partner of Altered Spaces Inc.
Curtis is currently president of Curtis & Co., a marketing and promotions
communications company in Los Angeles. He formerly was vice president of the
Marketing Corp. of America.

The USA Video Interactive technology allows users to view streaming video or
to access digitized video libraries, including movies, sports, other
entertainment, educational resources, corporate training seminars and
archives. It provides the flexibility of standard, VCR-like controls of play,
fast forward, reverse and pause; and the convenience of a standard
Internet-browser format for access, the company said.

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