ValueClick Unveils Niche Targeting Solution

Cost-per-click ad network ValueClick launched a new dynamic Web
advertising solution that expands the targeting capabilities of the 10,000
member network.

The new solution enables banner hosts to classify every page in their site
into subcategories, the company said. Based on the editorial information
provided by the banner host, the technology calls different banners to
different pages within a Web site.

By hosting ads that are more targeted to the varying demographics of its Web
site, that host has increased the potential for click-through. The new niche
targeting option provides greater revenue opportunities for banner hosts.

“Offering performance-based advertising solutions to our customers is the
primary focus for ValueClick. We want to make sure that they have the tools
that will increase click-through rates and drive traffic,” said Brian Coryat,
founder and CEO. “The dynamic Web advertising solution increases our ability
to offer maximum revenue to publishers, and
maximum effectiveness for online advertisers.”

ValueClick, launched in July 1997, serves ads that get 12 million impressions
per day across a network of more than 10,000 Web sites. The pricing model is
based on “cost-per-click-through.” Banner hosts are paid based on the quantity
of click-throughs on the ad banners they host.

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