Mitsubishi Debuts VisualSHOCK Movie 2

Mitsubishi Electronics America Inc. Monday released the latest version of its VisualSHOCK MOVIE 2 which enables developers to add interactive video hyperlinks or “hotspots,” that facilitate the creation and tracking of multiple objects within video content.

VisualSHOCK MOVIE 2 was first premiered at the Internet World conference last October. The tool adds many new features, such as the auto-generation of JavaScript and VbScripts, the ability to export to RealVideo, support for events and a visual indicator for hotspots.

The latest version features full integration with RealNetworks’ streaming media technology, RealSystem G2. This allows users to select “Export RealMedia” from the file menu to create hotspots and synchronize events in video files. Using VisualSHOCK MOVIE 2, developers can create interactive RealVideo content even with a limited knowledge of programming.

VisualSHOCK MOVIE 2’s can publish to HTML templates which enable the user to view the results of the hotspots in the video movie in a Web page. The “Publish to HTML” feature generates an HTML page with all the required scripting. The user can then cut and paste the scripts into the finished Web page.

VisualSHOCK MOVIE 2 is selling for an introductory price of $99 until March 31. After then, it will retail for $129.95.

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