Vindigo Launches “Instant Offers” Program

Vindigo , a developer of personal
navigation software for handheld devices running the Palm, Inc.
operating system announced Monday a new mobile
advertising campaign targeting its New York City users.

During the ten-week “Vindigo Instant Offers” program which began on August
1, users of Vindigos navigation service in New York City will receive
offers from
national and local merchants on their handheld devices. Vindigo says its
merchant offers, which range from a 15 percent discount on DVDs to a pizza
give-away, will be posted in the Vindigo channels called Eat, Shop, and
Play. Users can redeem the offers by showing their Vindigo service to the
sponsoring merchant.

Such programs, which appeal to users of handheld devices while they are
seeking related information, are thought to be one of the most powerful ways
to advertise using mobile technology. This approach is one of many being
tried as interactive advertisers seek to exploit the growing handheld and
wireless market.

“Every time a consumer uses Vindigo, he or she is planning a purchase and
looking for a store or restaurant or movie theater nearby,” said Jason
Devitt, chief executive officer of Vindigo.

“Consumers are delighted to get an offer of a
discount or promotion right then and there, and for merchants, its the most
targeted advertising opportunity you can imagine.”

Some of the advertisers participating in the Vindigo “Instant Offers” trials
in New York include: XandoCosi. SHOP Crunch Fitness, Eastern Mountain
Sports, HMV, Kenjo Watches, and Shakespeare & Co. PLAY Art Bar, BLADES Board
& Skate, Chicago Blues, Fez at Time Cafe, Gotham Bike Shop and Toga Bike
Shop, and Temple Bar.

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