Virtual Research Site Launched for Focus Group Studies

Protocon Inc. launched Virtual Research Room (VRROOM) to
provide online focus group room rentals, Internet based panel recruiting and
training for traditional focus group moderators who want to learn how to
conduct online focus groups.

VRROOM features a Web-based directory of experienced online focus group
moderators, assistance with the preparation of digital presentation materials,
and other support services and resources for market researchers.

“Online research provides quick turnaround, convenience, lower costs, and the
proven ability to reach low incidence individuals,” said David Bradford, vice
president and director of VRROOM. “Traditional and online market researchers
will find VRROOM to be a valuable, affordable and user friendly resource. It
can be utilized on an a la carte basis for specific services, or as a complete
qualitative research solution.”

Online moderators can quickly conduct geographically dispersed panel
discussions, and present Web-based stimuli for qualitative evaluation. Clients
and other observers can view the proceedings online, and can secretly ask
moderators to direct specific questions for further clarification or
elaboration during a session.

Protocon has been providing consulting services for online market researchers
since 1994.

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