Voila! AdForce to Serve French Language Ads

CMGI‘s AdForce LLC on Monday inked a deal to
serve around 20 million new ads monthly for BRANCHEZ-VOUS!, a French-language
Web publisher and advertising network serving North America.

The deal calls for AdForce to handle ad management and delivery for the
BRANCHEZ-VOUS! Portal, and for the Cible.net advertising network.

“We needed seamless management of our ad campaigns with the most efficient
solution available and found that AdForce was the one provider that could
handle our plans for future growth, especially as we look to larger markets
outside of Quebec,” said Jean Sanche, vice president of advertising sales
at Invention Media, BRANCHEZ-VOUS!’s parent company.

Part of the system, which will become more important as BRANCHEZ-VOUS!
grows, will be geo-targeting. That capability will enable advertisers to
target niche audiences. Since the company operates sites in various markets
in which French is spoken, advertisers will likely desire to reach specific
markets — or target different messages to people in different markets.

The company currently operates 13 sites in Quebec, and is growing its
presence in French-speaking parts of Europe.

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