Buying Spreads in Bride’s Magazine, a bridal registry
and wedding planning resource, is launching its first offline advertising
campaign, in Bride’s magazine.

The campaign includes a three-page spread produced by renowned photographer
Geof Kern, known for his work with Microsoft, Levi’s, Neiman Marcus, Kenneth
Cole and Sony UK. Spending was not disclosed.

The ad, which details the hassles associated with wedding planning and the
solutions that the Internet provides, debuts Sunday when the February/March
issue of Bride’s hits the stands. The advertisement will be featured in every
issue of Bride’s magazine throughout 1999. helps betrothed couples plan a wedding
and start a new home by enabling them to search for online bridal fashions and
local wedding-related businesses, create their bridal registry and book their
honeymoon online. The site attracts 7,000 users each day, 85 percent of whom
are brides.

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