Women.com Designs Clorox Site

Women.com continues its string of work for traditional advertisers, with the unveiling of a co-branded site for the Clorox Company on Tuesday.

Together, the companies created “Generations & Innovations,” a site that provides tips for women and fuses Women.com community with sponsorships and brand-centric content. Spending was not disclosed in the work.

“We’re honored to have been chosen as Clorox’s partner to market their brands to women online,” said Gina Garrubbo, who is executive vice president at the San Mateo, Calif.-based Women.com. “We believe that our balance of content, community and services and relationship with our nearly eight million visitors makes us uniquely qualified for this endeavor.”

It’s a combination that Women.com has tapped in the past to successfully woo advertisers ranging from consumer packaged goods clients (the company has an agreement with Procter & Gamble) to automotive manufacturers (in October, Women.com designed a site for General Motors called “Women in Motion.”)

Now, “Generations & Innovations” will support and promote Oakland, Calif.-based Clorox’s brands, including Pine-Sol, Tilex, Liquid Plumr, Formula 409, Soft Scrub and SOS.

The site markets Clorox brands while providing advice to busy women who are looking to make their home life easier. It also aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia and history by discussing women’s changing household roles and duties — and Clorox’s place therein.

Clorox-branded discussion boards and consumer polls encourage visitors to share “handed-down” cleaning tips from their mothers, as well as new solutions they’ve devised. The site’s “Traditions for Today” area features streaming video interviews with women discussing the role of tradition in their daily routines, while a section called “Interactive Maid” offers tips on household cleaning.

“Partnering with Women.com gives us a direct connection with the fastest growing online segment — women,” said Alain Zutter, Clorox director of Media Services. “We chose Women.com as a key online marketing partner for its deep understanding of the diverse women’s market and its focus on giving women exactly what they need and want online.”

It’s not only a win for Women.com, but for its future parent, onetime rival iVillage.com. Similarly to Women.com’s deal with P&G, iVillage has a site-development agreement with consumer package goods giant Unilever.

And once iVillage’s purchase of Women.com goes through this quarter, the signing of Clorox as a client will bring more traditional ad dollars into iVillage’s coffers. That’s important for the struggling online content industry, as both traditional and dot-com marketers trim budgets during the current economic sluggishness.

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