Signed to Build 3D Yankees Site, a provider of 3D Internet
technology and content, said it has signed an agreement to create and host, “the first real 3D virtual online world ever created for
a major sports team.”

The agreement was made with UltraStar Internet Services LLC, which
holds the rights to, the official Web site of
the Yankees.

The deal calls for revenue sharing between and
UltraStar relating to advertising, sponsorships and VIP membership fees.

UltraStar is a management technology partnership that brings major
entertainment, sports and fashion clients exposure in community-based forums
delivered over the Web.

The site will have a free version that all Yankees fans
will be able to visit and download directly from the site.

Once the initial download is completed, it will place a fan right in the
middle of Yankee Stadium. Fans will see an avatar gallery that will permit
them to select who they will be and how they will look in the virtual Yankee

Through his or her avatar character, the Yankee fan, using the arrow key on
the computer, will be able to walk around and meet and communicate with other
Yankee fans from all over the world. Communication can take place through
Internet text chat or’s voice chat.

The second phase of the Agreement calls for to create a more
extensive virtual world for to be included as a separate world on

The CD will be sold at the site, as well as through retail outlets. said it already has begun discussions with companies that might
wish to be sponsors and/or advertisers.

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