WorldsAway Launches “Ad-Objects”

The WorldsAway division of
Fujitsu launched what it calls the first commercial “ad-object” on the
Internet in the form of a virtual jukebox that dispenses CDs from
Allegro Music.

The jukebox exists inside WorldsAway’s newest avatar-inhabited virtual
on the Internet, New Radio World, and it dispenses virtual CD objects
offer Allegro repeating, perpetual advertising impressions, the company

The CDs, which can play music clips and link back to Allegro’s Web site can be given
traded to other avatars inside WorldsAway’s virtual world, and can be
rejuvenated every time Allegro wants to promote a new CD.

The company said Allegro and other advertisers are able to continuously
promote their brands and provide a direct mechanism for consumers to
and purchase goods and services. The branded, rich-media ads provide
visitors with tangible advertising
object that may be redeemed, traded, annotated and dynamically updated.

“Internet users don’t respond well to flat banners, but the Allegro
in WorldsAway’s virtual world gives us a visually interesting way to
memorable and perpetual impressions,” said Ron Knight, Internet
manager for Allegro. “The CD objects offer us a way to keep our message
front of an audience, and to create an actual desire for the message

“Allegro is taking advantage of the marriage between creativity and
technology by placing measurable ad vehicles where they’re welcome on
the Net,” said
David Andrews, vice president of the WorldsAway division. “As a consumer
company, Allegro must constantly differentiate itself from its
competitors and
reach a savvy, technology-proficient audience.”

“Rich-media ads are not welcome
everywhere on the Internet, but inside our virtual worlds they not only
sense, they actually create a demand.”

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