X.com, Gazooba Team for Viral Marketing Incentives

Financial services site X.com, which operates
the PayPal.com Web site, teamed Tuesday with Gazooba, in an agreement that will add financial incentives to Gazooba’s viral marketing

The partnership will let Gazooba’s clients send cash to word-of-mouth
program participants via e-mail as an incentive when friends act on
recommendations. Participants can have the money directly deposited into
their bank account.

“X.com’s user base has had tremendous growth, primarily through
word-of-mouth viral marketing so we understand the power of personal
relationship marketing,” said Elon Musk, founder and chief executive officer
of X.com, which provides the PayPal e-mail payment service.

PayPal allows individuals to send money to one another via the Internet.

Gazooba is carving out a niche by providing the technological infrastructure
for launching, running, and optimizing word-of-mouth marketing programs. The
company has also teamed with promotions firm GetRelevant and with ePrize.

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