YesMail Launches Permission E-Mail Network

Known for the past four years as WebPromote, launched its YesMail Permission Email Network, a new
permission-based e-mail marketing solution.

The company said its transition of WebPromote, which will remain as an
online Web site marketing service, to underscores its commitment
to being the leader in the category of permission e-mail. It will compete
with NetCreations and others. said it offers consumers, marketers and subscriber database
sources a customizable, turnkey and complete permission e-mail solution.

“The potential for advertisers to benefit from direct marketing on the
Internet is in the billions of dollars,” said’s chief executive
officer, Dave Tomie. “YesMail is committed to building the premier permission
e-mail marketing resource on the Internet by delivering a complete front-end
to back-end solution vs. the point products available today.”

With an already established network and access to more than five million
permission e-mail customers, YesMail marketers can better target, better
measure and better track their direct marketing campaigns, the company said,
yielding response rates five to 10 times greater than banner ads and three
to 10 times that of traditional direct mail.

YesMail’s proprietary products for scalable campaign targeting, tracking and
optimization include: eTarget, providing the ability to select an audience
and deliver a message; eTrack, providing real-time capability to set-up and
monitor responses to each of the campaigns; and, eCampaign, allowing
marketers to automatically respond to targeted individuals in their campaign.

Clients include Hewlett Packard, Fingerhut, eToys and, among

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