ZULE-tek Posts 1997 Revenues of $39 Million

El Segundo, CA-based ZULU-tek Inc., which recently acquired a controlling
interest in SOFTBANK Interactive
said it posted total 1997 revenues of $39 million.

SOFTBANK Interactive Marketing also said that The SOFTBANK Network more than
doubled in size, attracting 32 new Web sites as affiliates in its first 120
days of operation, increasing the number of available impressions by more
than 135%. Most recently, four new Web sites have joined The SOFTBANK
Network: the National Hockey League, Movie Guide Network, System
Optimization, and Mental Health, bringing the total number of affiliates to
53 sites.

Full financial details were not disclosed.

Since its launch, more than 50 leading, national advertisers have signed
contracts on the Network, including diverse brands such as AT&T, American
Stock Exchange, Disney, Dow Jones, Fuji, First USA, Fischer/Price, GTE,
Microsoft, Schwab, Sprint, and Toshiba, the company said. In recent weeks,
American Banker, Bell South, Beneficial, Intel, Sierra On-Line, and United
Airlines have also signed Network contracts.

The “beyond-the-banner” products from echoMEDIA Technology, another ZULU-tek
subsidiary, are being integrated with the Internet advertising sales, content
sponsorship and promotional offerings available on The SOFTBANK Network.

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