A Gadget To Solve Direction Problems

CET Technologies, a subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Electronics, has expanded its range of Ceteon infocomm appliances with the inclusion of Ceteon 700 that is specially designed for owners of commercial fleets, in-vehicle entertainment OEMs as well as end-users, drivers and passengers alike.

Equipped with a resistive touch panel, the terminal allows users to make use of the navigation system through its Global Positioning System (GPS). This locates where the vehicles are on the location map and helps them work out the best routes to reach their destinations without unnecessary waste of time and fuel.

Passengers in the vehicles would appreciate the large 7-inch TFT color LCD display that can be used for viewing video CDs, surfing the Net and sending or receiving e-mails. All these additional frills can be experienced in comfort as the screen gives a clear picture, even in the glaring sunlight. Phone calls can also be made through the same device because of a built-in GPRS/GSM receiver.

Other functions can also be customized according to users’ needs. For example, a swipe card-reader can be added to facilitate credit card transactions. Memory capacity can be increased when required. The Ceteon 700 also offers text-to-voice capability as an option, allowing users to listen to directional instructions while focusing on driving, making driving safer for all.

In addition to this product, CET Technologies has also developed the Ceteon 840, a lightweight, handheld portable computer, weighing less than 1 kg. It comes with a unique design and a brilliant 16-bit SVGA, touch-sensitive screen for displaying a full Web page display. It offers more features than a personal digital assistant (PDA) and can serve as a high resolution Digital Manual for graphic-intensive documents.

When powered by a wireless local area network (LAN), GPRS or GSM card as an Internet or intranet access tool, the Ceteon 840 answers the needs of almost all types of mobile executives, especially in the areas of repair and maintenance, warehousing, field services, route sales, healthcare, merchandizing and education.

A distinctive benefit of the gadget lies with its ability to eliminate communication problems arising from the use of different language platforms by different users. This is possible as it offers users a natural input option by integration an input device known as ‘e-pen’.

Users simply write in any language or draw on any piece of paper with it and the document/image will be digitally captured and stored in a file for further processing. These documents can then be sent out as electronic mails or facsimiles to almost anyone in any language, at anytime and anywhere.

Another of the company’s invention is the Ceteon 400, a rugged PDA designed for communicating, navigating, reporting and accessing databases when out in the field.

It is smaller than Ceteon 840 and is able to withstand harsh external environments. Weather- and shock-proof, its 3.8 inch, scratch resistant touch-screen LCD display also caters for easy and comfortable reading in the glaring sun, making it suitable for use by defense, paramilitary and commercial usage.

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