Alcatel-Lucent Tech Aims to Rev Mobile Capacity

With mobile broadband traffic soaring, researchers are scrambling to develop new technologies to keep up with the data crush. With the new lightRadio offering, Alcatel-Lucent is promoting a novel approach to managing wireless traffic, promising substantial efficiency improvements.

lightRadio takes a page from the distributed architecture that powers cloud-computing deployments, connecting to a baseband that can connectivity 25 or 30 sites.

The technology also uses a software-powered radio that can handle 2G, 3G and 4G traffic using a common antenna.

“What lightRadio does, is it enables us to double the capacity of the network at half the cost per bit,” said Tom Gruba, Alcatel-Lucent’s director of product marketing.

Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look at Alcatel-Lucent’s new mobile broadband technology.

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Alcatel-Lucent lightRadio: The Future of Mobile Broadband?

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