Aruba Amps Up Wireless Equipment With New OS

Aruba is out with a new software-driven upgrade to its networking technology, promising a spate of improvements in the areas of spectrum analysis and security.

The new ArubaOS 6.0, a Linux-based operating system, promises to improve signal-to-noise issues thanks to features such as real-time spectrograms and channel quality assurances. Meanwhile, the new TotalWatch technology aims to protect access points and the infrastructure of the wireless network. Wi-Fi Planet has the story on the new ArubaOS 6.0.

Wireless networking isn’t just about hardware: The underlying operating system can make a big difference, too. That’s what wireless networking vendor Aruba (NASDAQ: ARUN) is betting on with its new ArubaOS 6.0 operating system.

ArubaOS is the underlying network operating system that powers Aruba’s wireless access points and controllers, and is built on top of a Linux base. With ArubaOS 6.0, new spectrum analysis, security and quality of service capabilities are being baked in. The new ArubaOS comes as Aruba is growing its market footprint following a partnership deal with Dell.

Read the full story at VoIP Planet:

Aruba Revs Its Wireless Gear with ArubaOS 6.0 release

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