Aruba Offers WAN Acceleration, Cloud Security

Normally a wireless player, Aruba is entering the wired WAN acceleration market and the cloud security market, both with the same device. Enterprise Networking Planet explains how they do it.

Why put networking assets on-site when you can put them in the cloud? That’s part of the premise of the new Virtual Branch Network 2.0 (VBN) solution from wireless networking vendor Aruba Networks.

With VBN 2.0, Aruba is providing its users with WAN acceleration technology as well as cloud-based security. Aruba (NASDAQ: ARUN) had traditionally been known as a wireless networking vendor, but in recent years has been moving into the wired space. Now, VBN 2.0 expands on the promise of Aruba’s first VBN solution, which aimed to provide users with remote branch services from a single access point.

“When we introduced VBN 1.0, the goal was to simplify connectivity and security from the branch office back to the corporate datacenter,” Mike Tennefoss, head of strategic marketing for Aruba told “VBN 2.0 is the beginning of the cloud-based branch and we think, ultimately, that will render branch routers obsolete.”

The VBN 2.0 solution leverages the Linux-based RAP (Remote Access Point) devices that were part of Aruba’s VBN 1.0 launch as well as provides a new Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) for mobile laptop users.

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Aruba Gets Into WAN Acceleration

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