AT&T Broadband Commits to Home Networking

AT&T unit AT&T Broadband may have been dealt to Comcast , but while it is
still under the AT&T umbrella, the company is following in its parent’s footsteps with a move to support home networking technology.

On Jan. 8, AT&T Consumer, on which AT&T is pinning its continuing broadband hopes, announced its commitment to HomeRF as a wireless
home networking technology that can help drive adoption of its DSL offerings.

AT&T Broadband has taken a different approach. On Thursday it partnered with Linksys, which will provide it with hardware solutions
and support, allowing AT&T Broadband to offer its customers a choice of wired or wireless home networking. For a fee of $4.95 per
additional computer, its cable broadband customers will be able to give up to four additional computers in their homes simultaneous
Internet access and a unique IP address.

“AT&T Broadband’s home networking solution is a major step in evolving the broadband home,” said Scott Russell, product director for
AT&T Broadband. “At AT&T Broadband, we’re committed to offering innovative solutions to our customers so they can make the most of
their broadband connections.”

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