AT&T Working on E-Mail Glitch

Some of AT&T’s Worldnet ISP subscribers have had trouble sending e-mails in
recent days because of an unknown problem, the carrier confirmed today.

“We have a very small number of customers — well less than 5 percent — who
have had intermittent difficulty sending e-mail,” an AT&T official told “These are broadband users who use Worldnet for
their e-mail client and have their e-mail configured for SSL

In all, AT&T has 1.4 million subscribers. It does not break
out the numbers in terms of dial-up and digital subscriber line customers.

Network technicians implemented a number of steps that alleviated the
problem, but they are still working to restore service to normal for all

“As of this morning, these users are reporting intermittent success in
sending e-mail,” the AT&T official said.

The glitch does not affect Internet access, and users were able to send messages via
other e-mail programs. AT&T is posting service bulletins
at its customer service page for those who are
experiencing problems.

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