Avaya Boosts Collaboration With Avatars

The world of Web-based avatars, popularized in large measure by Second Life, could be coming to the enterprise.

That’s if Avaya has its way. The firm, which acquired Nortel’s enterprise business unit in 2009, is now promoting a technology it’s calling web.alive, which offers an avatar-based collaboration service geared for the business environment.

“Web.alive is an immersive Web collaboration solution,” said Avaya spokesperson Nicholas Sauriol. “While web.alive does share the use of 3D graphics technology with Second Life, the same is true with gaming (Xbox, etc.). However, web.alive is laser focused on enabling real time Web-based immersive collaboration.”

Beyond the virtual environment, Avaya’s web.alive service offers a reporting service to help businesses track engagement.

VoIP Planet has the details of Avaya’s latest offering.

Read the full story at VoIP Planet:

Avaya launches web.alive for avatar based collaboration

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