Avaya Hooks Up With Skype for Enterprise VoIP

It could be a sign that Skype is coming of age. While generally thought of as a consumer technology, Skype has been courting the enterprise market, and is getting a big boost in its efforts thanks to a new partnership with Avaya.

Under the agreement, Avaya will begin supporting Skype’s VoIP communications in its networking equipment and services. That means, for instance, that a video conference originating on Avaya’s gear could connect with a Skype user on the other end. VoIP Planet has the details on the new partnership.

Skype isn’t just for consumer VoIP calls anymore. Enterprise unified communications vendor Avaya and Skype today announced a new partnership that will bring Skype support to Avaya equipment.

The new Skype Avaya partnership could serve to bring Skype’s technology deeper into the enterprise while giving Avaya even more methods of communications for its new Flare platform.

Read the full story at VoIP Planet:

Avaya Calls On Skype

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