Carrier Grade Linux Advances to a New Level

At long last, Carrier Grade Linux 5.0 (CGL) has been finalized.

The new CGL 5.0 specification is all about ensuring that Linux meets the needs of carriers and Network Equipment Providers. CGL 5.0 includes new requirements for high availability, especially filesystem reliability and disaster recovery, data collection and reporting. There are also additional requirements for security such as roll based access control, system auditing and log collection. CGL 5.0 also has IPv6 requirements such as IPv6-based NFS

Though the specifications have been in draft form for months the official announcement of CGL 5 is an important even for the Linux industry and for the carriers.

“Many carriers require that NEPs (Network Equipment Providers) comply to the spec before their equipment is accepted into their networks, and it is almost always a baseline requirement in RFPs for new projects at NEPs,” Dan Cauchy vice president of marketing and business development at MontaVista told

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Carrier Grade Linux 5 Finalized

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