Cisco Offers Home Networking ‘Valet’ Service

When you think of Cisco Systems, you think enterprise networking. It’s not exactly the first name in home networking, when in fact it does play in that space. It owns Linksys, the popular maker of mass market routers and other network devices, and it also owns Pure Digital, maker of the Flip video camera.

Cisco is leveraging the expertise of Pure Digital with a new wireless router for home users, called Valet. Wi-Fi Planet takes a look at what it’s got to offer.

Cisco is bringing its brand to entry-level networking consumers with a new wireless router product line it’s calling Valet.

The Valet is an effort by Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) to mimic the simplicity of its Flip video camera for the needs of home networking users. Flip’s parent company, Pure Digital, was acquired by Cisco last year for $590 million. The Flip targets novice users with simple setup and use, the same features that Cisco is now pitching for home networks with the Valet.

The premise behind the Valet product is to simplify wireless networking configuration. According to Cisco, users can set up a Valet device with a simple USB key that configures the wireless network, including parental controls for access and site filtering, as well as management for guest access.

“With complementary backgrounds and expertise, our Cisco and Flip teams have combined forces to change the rules for home wireless with a product line that empowers consumers to easily set up, enjoy and manage all of their wireless devices anywhere in their homes,” Jonathan Kaplan, Cisco’s senior vice president and general manager of consumer products, said in a statement.

Initially Cisco will have two routers in the Valet lineup. The Valet for small and medium-sized homes is priced at $99, and the Valet Plus for larger homes is priced at $149.99.

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Cisco Gives Home Users Valet Service

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