Cisco Rolls Out Virtual Desktop Initiative

Cisco is betting big on virtualization. The networking giant has already made some major moves in the space, but now, as it looks ahead to the “workstations of the future,” it’s announcing an initiative billed as the Virtualization Experience Infrastructure, or VXI, which includes a system that enables users to access virtual desktops through IP phones.

Cisco’s new desktop virtualization effort follows on its efforts to move enterprise servers to cloud-based, virtualized environments. VXI supports both Citrix’s XenDesktop 5 and VMware View. Server Watch has the story.

As enterprise servers move to virtualized cloud infrastructure, Cisco sees a large market opportunity for delivering a virtual desktop to enterprises.

Cisco today announced a new effort called the Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI), which leverages existing and new Cisco hardware and services to enable a fresh generation of endpoints for virtual desktop delivery. As part of the launch, Cisco announced a series of new Virtualization Experience Clients (VXC) that enable virtual desktop delivery on IP phones and mobile devices.

Read the full story at Server Watch:

Cisco Takes Aim at the Virtual Desktop

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