Dell Launches Energy Efficient Ethernet Switches

Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) is expanding its switch lineup with a new PowerConnect 7000 series of managed switches.

The new switches are Dell’s own hardware and software and are not part of the OEM deal that Dell has with Juniper Networks. The 7000 series offers 24 or 48 gigabit Ethernet ports, with up to 4x10GbE modular ports for uplinks to other network or high-speed storage/server devices.

A key feature of the new switch series is support for Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE), which was recently standardized as the 802.3az standard

“EEE power savings are realized by reducing power at the port during traffic idle periods, which can save significant power during idle periods,” Larry Hart, senior manager at Dell Networking told “Energy savings are also realized by the 80-Plus certified power supplies, which deliver over 80 percent utilization of the power drawn by the supply itself, and efficient multi-speed fans that decrease power draw by reducing speeds when less cooling is required.”

Hart added that the combination of these energy efficient features results in one of the world’s most efficient Ethernet switches in the 7000 Series.

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Dell Debuts New PowerConnect Switches

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