Exchange 2010 Migrations Up Despite Challenges

While the latest and great tech products get the most headlines in tech publications, blogs and websites, most enterprises don’t quickly switch to the latest version or new releases the first week they’re available. Just ask Microsoft, which has seen growing interest in the latest version of Windows, Windows 7, but has to live with the fact most corporate users are still on the venerable Windows XP.

The software giant also hopes more of its Microsoft Exchange Server customers will migrate to the latest version, Exchange 2010. There was good news on that front in a survey conducted by unified e-mail management services Mimecast. Server Watch has the story.

Microsoft has several hits on its hands right now, particularly Windows 7, Office 2010, Xbox 360 and the Kinect hands-free controller.

However, a new survey suggests that one more mundane product, Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Exchange Server 2010, has quietly been picking up momentum as corporate customers increasingly embark on the move to the newest release of the company’s venerable e-mail engine.

Read the full story at Server Watch:

Migrations to Exchange 2010 Heating Up

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