Hits Network Debuts Sites Nationwide

Hits Network LLC has launched a network of music and entertainment
websites that combine interactive music/video technology with elements of a
local broadcast.

The first local live service of the nationwide Hits Network will be
CLEVELANDHITS.COM in Cleveland. Webcasting stations will also be
launched in another 80 markets in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Each Website will feature local personalities and promotional tie-ins while adding in-studio video and the interactivity of
listener-selected music playlists. A live video feed of the local Hits “IJ”
(Internet Jock) accompanies the audio feed directly to the audience’s
computers and personal web devices.

A 10-hour taped loop of Hits Network webcasting will be available for
streaming at eac site outside of Cleveland while local stations are
being staffed to give Internet users a glimpse of the new outlet coming to
their cities.

“Each Hits site will reflect the styles and tastes of its city, with local information and
personalities, and both local and national advertising,” said Michael Hilber, Hits
Network managing member. “In comparison, other
webcasting services are little more than jukeboxes.”

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