Hospital Taps Cisco for More Virtualization

IT organizations have long recognized the value of virtualization technology for reducing so-called server sprawl and consolidating hardware assets saving both money and space. The latest challenge for virtualization vendors is to convince customers that the technology is up to taking on the most mission-critical workloads.

Moses Cone Health System looks like as good a reference point as any. The medical group, which operates five hospitals as well as a regional cancer center in the United States, began to move to virtualization in 2007, and is now taking the next step with the adoption of the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS).

“Health care economics today is driving consolidation and it’s happening very rapidly, and so as we consolidate, our architecture needs to scale and that’s where we’re getting the economics to lower our costs,” Steve Horsley, vice president and associate CIO at Moses Cone Health System, told

Now the Moses Cone Health System is aiming to consolidate even further with the help of Cisco UCS c-series rack-mounted servers. The Cisco UCS is a virtualized server delivery platform offering expanded memory and server capacity.

Datamation has a full report on the health care company’s virtualization plans.

Read the full story at Datamation:

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