HP Builds New Networking Division Around 3Com

Up to now, HP’s networking business has always been a segment of the larger computing group, not quite big enough to warrant its own division. But with the closure of its $2.7 billion purchase of 3Com, HP now has a whole networking division on its hands, and that’s what it has created.

HP Networking will be the combined home of both the ProCurve and 3Com products as well as other networking products from the two groups or future development. Enterprise VoIP Planet has all the details on the reorg.

HP is moving quickly to integrate its new 3Com assets into a new division. HP announced Monday that it was renaming its HP Procurve division as HP Networking which will now include products from both Procurve and 3Com.

HP (NYSE: HPQ) completed its acquisition of 3Com earlier this month at a price tag of $2.7 billion. Both the Procurve and the 3Com products are being reorganized under four product families.

The A series will be the new top end for enterprise deployments; the E series encompasses networking gear for mid-size companies and the V series for small and medium sized business needs. Rounding out the new portfolio structure is the S series which will include products from 3Com’s Tipping Point division for network security.

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HP Reorg Merges 3Com Into New Networking Division

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