ICANN Chief Tweets to Inform

The head of ICANN, a key Internet governance group, walks the walk when it comes to the organization’s goal of transparency and openness.

EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet reports on the group’s use of social media and how it continues to work with government bodies on security and other key issues.

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number), the group that helps to oversee the governance of the Internet, strives to be an open and transparent organization. It’s a goal that ICANN CEO Rob Beckstrom said he takes very seriously and is now using Twitter as part of the effort.

Beckstrom spoke Thursday at the .ORG Forum on the future of ICANN. It’s a future where the role that ICANN plays in the stability, security and ongoing operation of the Internet is changing, especially in the new era of ICANN’s independence from the U.S.. Beckstrom explained how he sees ICANN’s governance role and how ICANN can help bridge the gap between nations in the interest of an effective and secure Internet that works for all humans.

“Just this week I’ve been criticized for Twittering too much and sharing too much information,” Beckstrom said. “Well I have news for anyone that seeks to criticize me for sharing information openly on Twitter – there is much more to come. Transparency is important.”

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