Intel Speed Bumps Mobile PC Lineup

Continuing on its “Unwired” mantra, Intel Wednesday released three faster processors for mid to large sized laptops.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip making giant released its Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor – M at 2.50 GHz and the mobile Intel Celeron processor at speeds of 2.20 and 1.26 GHz.

Unlike the “thin and light” target for its Centrino lineup, the new Pentiums and Celerons are designed for processor-intensive applications such as business multi-tasking, collaborative workgroups, video encoding, digital media and gaming.

“These processors are more for the portability market and notebooks with larger 12-14 inch size screens,” Intel spokesperson Shannon Johnson told

Already, Sony , Dell Computer , Hewlett-Packard , Gateway and Toshiba have expressed interest in using the chips. Poway, Calif.-based Gateway said its new 600XL computer runs on the advanced Celerons and includes a DVD burner for under $2,500.

In 1,000-unit quantities, the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor – M at 2.50 GHz is priced at $562. In the same quantities, the mobile Intel Celeron processor at 2.40 GHz and 1.26 GHz are priced at $149 and $107, respectively.

Intel is giving its Pentium line quite the workout of late. Earlier this week, the company unveiled two new Pentium M processors it says are designed specifically for communications applications.

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