Is IPv6 Ready?

IPv4 is dead. Long Live IPv6?

Not so fast. While the free pool of available IPv4 address has now been exhausted, IPv6 may not necessarily be entirely up to the task of replacing IPv4, at least not yet.

Tim Winters, senior manager of the University of New Hampshire’s interoperability lab, told that there have been a number of surprises about IPv6 that have emerged during recent events his group has convened to put the new addressing system through its paces.

Challenges for IPv6 include DHCPv6 implementations as well as issues with how applications access IPv6 DNS records.

So after all is said and done, is IPv6 actually ready?

“I think we’re moving in that direction,” Winters said. “I do think that the core routers and operating systems are ok, it’s everything in between. It’s the cell phone, printers and data storage — all that stuff is going to have to move and that’s the last bit.”

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