Juniper Beefs Up Networking for the Military

Could there be a more demanding environment for ruggedized technology than the military? Its gear takes a beating and has to keep on working. The original plan of the Internet was to build a redundant network that could survive a nuclear attack, after all.

So if you want to sell to the defense department, your products better be tough. Juniper Networks has just that for the military, with new networking equipment that can take a beating and support many streams at the same time. Enterprise Networking Planet has the details.

Networking is a mission critical element for many different types of IT enterprises, especially so when it comes to military deployments where the safety and security of an entire nation could be on the line.

Juniper Networks (NYSE:JNPR) is aiming to help the U.S. military with its networking requirements with a new hardened router for military deployments. The networking company is no stranger to the U.S. military; for example, just this week it announced a big win powering the JFCOM Next-Generation Joint Training and Experimentation Network (NextGen JTEN). NextGen JTEN delivers up to 30,000 video and battle simulation streams to U.S. military users around the globe.

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Juniper Updates Networking for Military Deployments

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